Shipping Management

How is Shipping Managed at Apni Dukan? (Order Fulfillment)

• In case of order receiving
• Logon to your apni_dukan dashboard panel and click on the order section of your dashboard
• Here you will find your recent orders and there statuses, Please Note: if the status of your order is in PROCESSING it means you have received an order and now you should start packing but before doing that you must first confirm the order by changing its status from < processing to order confirmed > by doing that our team will be notified of you engagement on the order.
• You can change the order status from processing> order-confirmed> shipped> to order complete in case of order un-availability or time to process order you can select otherwise: onhold> canceled> refunded> failed.
• Please note that you Seller Account (Dukan) would be rated upon how fast your order are processed & delivered to customers and vice versa – the faster the order are processed the more chances of you products to be shown on the Front/ home page of
• Under the order status you will find the shipping address of the customer where the order is to be delivered, Down below you will find information about the product that has been ordered product image, price, shipping charges & more
• You must then pack the product into a non-branded sealed packet if you do not have the parcel or box that Is non-branded move towards the courier service they are obliged to provide you with the sealed packet for you to pack your product IN
• Further you will pack and box the shipment before handing it over to the courier services, you will need to print the invoice slip that will be sent to you from Apni Dukan Vendor Care Department. Paste the invoice slip on the package/ box Please Note: the parcels for packing the order will be handed to you from the designated courier services that are near you.

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