Seller Claim Policy

Scope & Outline:

It outlines the processes through which claims can be made in order to put forward a claim for their inventory.

  • All packages returned are to be accepted by the Seller
  • If the Seller thinks he has received something which he did not send, then, he should fill out’s claim form and forward it to us.
  • All the necessary information needs to be provided by him in order to make sure that that the claim is valid


  • It is compulsory to file a claim within 7 working days after receiving the returned item
  • It is encouraged to receive the item returned within 30 days from in order to avoid any inconvenience
  • Any claim made after 30 days will not be entertained
  • All claims will have a time of 15 working days to be resolved

Claim Results:

  • The Seller will be compensated if or the Customer is found guilty of mishandling the item
  • If the claim form is delayed, a duplicate claim is made, packing guidelines not followed properly, proof of return is given to the Seller then in these circumstances the Claim shall not be entertained
  • Reimbursements will be made in the next payment cycle

Proofs to be Attached by the Seller:

  • Damaged packing – in this case the Seller should take pictures immediately when receives the return
  • Damaged item – in this case the picture of damaged item along with packing should be taken
  • Missing item – in this case take a picture of the empty parcel being returned, to make your claim stronger take a photograph or film a video at the time of disbursement
  • Missing parts – in this case take photographs of any missing parts and a reference picture showing the complete product with all the parts intact.
  • Incorrect item returned – in this case take a picture and let us know that this was not the item you had sent
  • Item returned after 30 days – in this case take a picture of the packaging and receiving letter showing the date and time of receiving.

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