Seller Behavior Policy

A platform where buyers can comfortably interact with sellers and where neither party breaches trust, is what is all about.

Buyers and Sellers are independent in their own commitments however; they would be restricted to certain criteria which is deemed necessary for the repute of along with respect of the Customer. The following table illustrates some circumstances in which action might be taken against the Seller for certain acts which are against the integrity and respect of the Customer.

  Types of harassment caused to Customers    Most probable results
  Physically Abusing/ Attacking Customers     Suspension of Account
  Threatening Customers  Suspension of Account
  Unasked communication which includes messages that the customer has not asked for  5 days ban on listing with issuance of a final warning
  Asking Customer to Cancel Order    10 days ban on listing with issuance of a final warning
  Sharing of Personal Details without consent of the Customer  Suspension of Account
  Abusive remarks/ language  Suspension of Account

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