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Typically Tanya by Taha Kehar

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In the vein of Moni Mohsin and Saba Imtiaz, ‘Typically Tanya’ is a story from modern-day Pakistan about a headstrong woman with equal parts sass and smarts. There’s a little bit of Tanya in all of us, and it’s mostly the part we supress

Author and journalist Taha Kehar talks about the feisty, unconventional protagonist of his new book, ‘Typically Tanya’ (published in September by HarperCollins India). Tanya, who is far from typical, a journalist in Karachi, she is sharply critical, fiercely intelligent and unusually bold. How did this character come about?
Join us at T2F on November 28 at 7pm with the author himself, to know more about this character.

About the Author:
Taha Kehar is a Karachi-based journalist. He’s written for both Indian and Pakistani magazines, newspapers and publications. He’s the author of an earlier novel titled Of rift and rivalry. Typically Tanya is Taha’s second work of fiction.

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