Payment Policy

Once the product is successfully delivered to the Customer and the status of product delivery is shown as Completed on Apni Dukan, the payment process shall commence. In case a payment has been made by to the Seller for a product delivered that is later returned by the customer, will deduct equivalent amount in the next payment cycle and return the product to Seller.

The payments to Sellers shall be made on a bi monthly (15 day) basis from the delivery of the product. Sellers will be able to view their complete payment reports from their Apni Dukan. Complete payment schedules will be available over there for viewing at any time.

Due to public holidays, weekends or unforeseen circumstances in which the banking facilities might be inaccessible, the payment date shall move forward automatically to the first business day.

The payment process, after receiving the amount from Customer, to the Seller shall be as follows:

  • Deduction of commission
  • 0.5% payment fee
  • If applicable, any other service fee

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