List of Prohobited items

Following is the list of products that are prohibited to sell on (APNI DUKAN), which can be dangerous, threatening and prohibited according of the laws of Pakistan:

Anti-Religious material

Anti- religious material such as books, posters, videos, audios


Signal Boosters (excluding: Wi-Fi booster)



Gas Compressors

Spy Equipment and accessories

High beam Lasers (Excluding: laser pointers used for presentations)

Gas Compressors

Arms, ammunition and weapons

Weapons and accessories

Arms and Ammunition

Daggers and knives (Excluding: Kitchen knives)

Apparel and Accessories

Military medals and awards

Military uniforms

Law enforcement agency uniforms


Stolen goods

Smoking Accessories



E- Cigarettes


Other tobacco products

Accessories (Sheesha flavors, rolling papers, lighters, coils etc.)

Recreational or adult products

18+ products (Example: Pornographic books, posters, artwork, adult toys)

Investments (Stocks, bonds and securities)

Giveaways, lotteries and gambling equipment

Digital currencies

Bank guarantees


Funding and other financial services

Biological material


Digital Goods

Shared accounts and subscriptions or any shared screens (e.g., Netflix, Spotify, Grammarly, Microsoft, etc.)


Without brand warranty Software

Unauthorized online courses

UN Prohibited Products

1. Iranian petroleum products

2. Textile products of North Korea

3. Seafood of North Korea

4. Electrical Equipment of North Korea

5. Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum of Iran

6. Machinery of North Korea

7. Earth, Stone Wood of North Korea

8. Food/Agriculture of NK

9. Minerals of NK

10. Iranian textile, construction, mining and manufacture industries

* Prohibit the sale of textile raw materials, machinery, textile products and related services imported from or exported to Iran


Stolen goods

Please note, may also add more items to this list without prior notice.

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