Fair Trade

Scope: in all aspects needs to ensure that Sellers do not engage in any kind of fraudulent activities that damage’s image.

Main Aspects:

Fraudulent activity:

  • Sellers who will sell those goods which are different from those listed on Apni Dukan and obtains payment against them.
  • Using third party accounts
  • Fraudulently using’s name

These acts will ultimately lead to suspension of Seller’s account.

Hindering competition:

  • Falsely placing orders that let other sellers going out of stock
  • Leaving bad reviews and ratings
  • Making false complaints that damage the reputation of other Sellers

This kind of behavior if found will ultimately lead to suspension of Seller’s account

Promoting yourself:

  • A Seller might order his/her own products and in return writing positive reviews that might be misleading for other normal customers
  • In order to increase sales volume a Seller might order his own products time and again

In this kind of situation, a warning will be issued at later on the Seller will not be allowed to list his products for 7 days.

Making profit fraudulently:

  • A Seller falsely tries to make profit out of vouchers and other means
  •’s reputation is put at stake while making profits

This activity will lead to suspension of Seller’s account.

Shipment frauds:

  • A Seller creates false shipments deliberately to cheat Customers
  • Different or false tracking numbers are sent to the Customer
  • Forcing the Customer to confirm the order even though it is not received yet
  • Use of packing material provided by but selling the product on any other platform
  • Seller sends empty parcels in which no product is to be found

These offences will lead to suspension of Seller’s account.

Intellectual rights violation:

  • The Seller misuses’s name in any fraudulent activity which has no relation to

This will lead to suspension of the Seller’s account.

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