Customer Experience

what to expect?

A better Customer experiences does not always means a better price, it means that your products listed at Apni Dukan must consist of the following:

• Your Product Titles must be properly named e.g if a customer looking for a book visits ibucket and searches for a book and you have not entered book into your titles or description you product will not be shown to them. For better search ratio of your products it is compulsory to use better & optimized text titles.
• The customer viewing your products would like to know more about it if the description of your product is not avalible the customer will lose intrust over your product and move towards the product that is more descriptive and informative to them. Hence you will lose the chance of you products to be sold.
• Everyone like discounted prices, expiceally when it meets there product standards, we recommend every seller to add discounted prices this will allow more engagement from customer towards your products and more organic growth of you Dukan.
• Short Descriptions: short descriptions are used to add bullet point or main feature of your product, do not add descriptive information to them, for that purpose use the long description are of the listing.
• Category Selection: category selection is one of the main feature for customers to find your products if the chosen category is not right the customer will be unavailable to view your product. The category will allow customers to lead towards the right products that they are looking for, It is recommended for you to add your products to the right category.
• If you are a brand seller, select your brand from the brand section of the dashboard. If your brand is now shown or you would like to add your brand to iBucket contact Apni Dukan Vendor Care Center we will add your following brand into the dashboard where you can view and add your products.
• Make sure to use images for your product without it customers will not be sure what to order e.g there are two(2) Colum’s/ Section to upload images the first one is the primary image, the image you would add here will be shown at the front, the second is the secondary image you can select multiple images at the second section that will be shown after the primary image.
• You can add “SKU” for a better understanding of your product
• Adding stock for your products e.g adding stock means if you have 3 units of your product you can add “3” into the inventory section this will automatically change the availability of your product from after 3 units have been sold.
• Shipping: don’t forget to add shipping to your product, without shipping customers will be unable to order your products, hence they will leave and no order will take place on your Dukan.

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