Code of Conduct for Sellers

Business Integrity

According to ethical and moral codes of conduct, it should be ensured that business activities are carried out in accordance with them. The owners as well as the employees should be aware of these standards in order to ensure better working standards and procedures.


Offering and accepting bribes is considered to be a practice which is morally and ethically corrupt. Any such activity is strictly prohibited.

 Child Labor

Making use of children as laborers is strictly prohibited, this will be determined according to the minimum age requirement of laborer as mentioned in the law of the land. All laws which allow or have a clause allowing children to work at a specific age and time of the day shall be complied with.  

Forced Labor

Forced or bonded labor is prohibited in all manners. Employees or workers cannot be forced to work overtime at any cost. They have the liberty to conclude their work with their consent. No salary deduction or fines are to imposed on workers if they disagree on being dealt forcefully.

 Harassment & Abuse

Any act of harassment, physical or mental abuse to the employees are strictly condemned and should not take place at any cost what so ever.  


Discrimination of employees based on religion, caste, culture, race, color of the skin, gender, age, physical inability, marital status, political opinions and any other offensive remarks should not be practiced.

Wages & Benefits

Timely payments of wages should be made to the employees and they should not be less than the minimum wage rates applicable. Legal benefits should be provided to them including leaves and recreational activities. At the time of ending employment, they should be compensated fairly.

 Working Hours

Employees should not work for more than 60 hours per week including overtime. Any further overtime working shall be absolutely voluntary. A day should be taken off by employees in the week.

Health & Safety

The health and safety standards should never be compromised what so ever. Employees should have an access to first aid as well as a medical doctor at all times when ever needed. Healthy to eat food and healthy to consume water should be in employees’ access at all times. Any situation which might hinder the safety standards should not be compromised with and dealt with immediately.


To protect the environment had never been so important than it is now a days. So, it should be ensured that no manufacturing activities hamper or effect the environment adversely as it not only as an indirect impact but also a direct impact on the natural habitat. Sustainable energy alternatives should be used and non-renewable resources should be avoided. 

 Compliance with Local Law

All business communities should comply with the set legal requirements and practices which prevail in the industry. Disputes and other conflicts should be dealt with in accordance with these legal aspects only.

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