Buyer & Seller Relation


It is to ensure that what kind of a behavior should Seller adopt when interacting with the Customer and how to deal a situation in which the Customer misbehaves with the Seller.

Main Features/ Guidelines:

All the Sellers are prohibited to show an un ethical behavior that is offensive and disrespectful to the Customer. This might include inappropriate messages and specially those messages which are not requested by the Customer. A threatening attitude towards the Customer will also not be tolerated. Any phrases that might target the Customer’s personal attire will also not be tolerated.

 On the other hand, Sellers are requested to report a question which is unethical, rude or inappropriate immediately to Without replying to it themselves. prohibits Sellers to share their personal information such as their personal contact details. Sellers are not supposed to contact their Customers other than’s contact portal at Apni Dukan.

Sellers will not initiate any kind of offline selling activity by encouraging Customers to use’s platform but selling offline. Seller if found guilty of this will be issued a warning.

Sellers should interact with the Customers in an agreed time frame in order to maintain trust worthiness and reliance.

Sellers should never ask Customers to cancel their orders themselves as this action will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken against the Seller along with a warning. Moreover, Sellers should not engage in any form of self-marketing activities in which they desire to improve their performances. Sellers should make sure that they do not in any form create an un happy not worthy transaction in any way or other.

If the Policy is Breached:

In case of breach of policy, the following consequences might be faced by the Seller if Customers receive inappropriate messages, messages not being asked for, asking to have a settlement other than and asking for personal data by the Seller:

  • In case of 1st offence, only a warning through email will be given
  • In case of 2nd offence a 7-day ban on listing will be observed
  • In case of 3rd offence products will not be shown anywhere on the platform for 7 days
  • In case of 4th offence Seller’s account will be Suspended!

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