Baseus Elephant Humidifier 600ml


Baseus Elephant Humidifier 600ml

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Baseus Elephant Humidifier 600ml
2-level adjustment of spray
Level 1 large spray offers rapid humidification, and level 2 brings the effect of delicate
Nano-sized atomization pieces are more quiet
Nano-sized atomization pieces, fine and even spray with lower noise.
Night light mode
Press the switch for two seconds to turn on the night light mode.
30° spray dip angle, 600ml bulk water tank
Spray at the angle of 30°enables you to work and add water at the same time; large water
tank saves you from frequent water make-up.
Brand: Baseus
Product size: 125x110x110mm
Material: ABS+PP
Rated voltage: DC5V
Rated current: 400mA
Rated power: 2.0W
Water storage: 600ml
Net weight of product: About220g
Power interface: Micro USB
USB cable length: lm
Weight 0.55 kg Logo Image Png

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