Terms & Condition

This present agreement is established in order to set up a contractual agreement by and between:, based at Chaudhry Plaza near General Bus Stand Gujranwala Pakistan.

The term SELLER is referred to as a sole trader, a partnership or a company.

BACKGROUND: is a part of the e commerce industry of Pakistan providing a platform where buyers and sellers interact with each other and develop an easy, friendly and comfortable virtual shopping experience.

Both the parties have unanimously agreed upon the fact that customer satisfaction is the sole objective which should be taken into consideration at all times.

Each and every transaction of the Seller on will be bounded by this terms and agreement contract which gets in effect as soon as the Seller accepts this agreement electronically.

The service which is provided by is no more than providing a platform from where Sellers will be able to accept orders from their customers in return for a commission or other service charges payable to may use the services of subcontractors to execute any part of this agreement or any kind of future services made available to the Seller without any prior notice. requests its Sellers to read out this agreement thoroughly in order to avoid any inconvenience that may be damaging for both and the Seller. reserves the right to delist or block a Seller temporarily or permanently in severe circumstances if the Seller fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions Agreement.

In order to maintain further clarity please read out our Seller Code of Conduct. Any breach in this Code of Conduct will unfortunately allow to take action against the Seller.


After successfully going through and completing the Signup Process, will provide the Seller with a username and password to access Apni Dukan and hence complete the registration process.

The Seller is responsible for maintaining up to date information regarding the business on Apni Dukan which includes details such as bank account number and other contact details. If the Seller fails to provide the correct information shall not be responsible for any discrepancies.

Once the username and password are provided to the Seller, the whole responsibility to safeguard these details shall be transferred to the Seller. The Seller in this regard shall be completely responsible for any conflicts that might arise. should be promptly notified in case of leakage of these details to unidentified third parties so that timely action could be taken.

Any communication or correspondence through Apni Dukan will be considered to be from the authorized Seller and will rely on that information.

Every message sent to the Seller through his registered email at Apni Dukan which might not get any reply from the Seller within 72 hours shall be considered worth binding between and the Seller.

In order to fully understand this whole process and making all the steps clear please refer to our Series of Videos which will provide you guidance and train you in order to effectively understand and set up your Apni Dukan account.

PRODUCT LISTING ON APNI DUKAN: shall feature the Seller’s Products on the given listed prices. With the acknowledgement that the product as being sold by the Seller and not by The manner in which products are featured will be at discretion of may offer discounts and other promotional activities over and above the listed prices with the impression that the ownership does not get transferred to The commission will be calculated on the listed price. reserves the right to use, reproduce or modify any content that the Seller provides. Any product which might be in conflict with any Law will be immediately delisted and the Seller would be notified promptly. The information provided to in relation to the product shall be accurate and in line with the physical appearance of the product. at the request of the Seller can provide digitized images of products which are going to be listed in return of a fee that would be deducted when payments are made to the Seller. However, the Seller will be responsible for listing their products.

According to the contractual terms, all the products listed on Apni Dukan will be considered as an offer. The contract will come into force once the Customer places an order to the Seller. And it is considered legally confirmed once the product is dispatched from the Seller to the Customer. This would be a contract between the Seller and the Customer with having no relation to it.

This agreement shall prevail in case of conflicts whereas will not be responsible for any disputes between the Seller and the Customer.


The Seller will be bound to agree and follow the Customer’s Protection Policy, any changes might be communicated to the Seller via Email. would rank the Seller based on performance. Better performances would mean better rankings whereas bad performances might result in downgrading of the Seller. might issue a warning to the Sellers if they fail to meet the standard criteria. Some offences that might lead to a warning can be:

  • High rate of return on products
  • Not following proper packaging guidelines
  • Regular cancellations and products out of stock
  • Slow fulfillment of orders
  • Selling illegal and prohibited products

SELLER’S RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE: on behalf of Customers might forward complaints received by Customer Service Department to the Seller. The Seller shall be required to respond to the complaint within 72 hours of the receipt of that complaint.

On receiving a response, will immediately inform the Customer.

If a Seller fails to respond within 72 hours, a warning will be issued to the Seller.


Acting as an agent for the Seller, shall be entitled to receive a commission for the sale of each product on the platform, as notified in the Commission Schedule.

The commission is deducted by when making payment to the Seller. reserves the right to adjust the percentage commission providing notice to the Seller 14 days before enactment.


The payment process is defined as following:

Amount received from Customer »» Less its commission for the sale of the product »» Less any service fees / penalties or any other amounts due if applicable »» Amount transferred to the Seller

The payments will be made to the Sellers within 14 days after the product is successfully delivered to the Customer.

It will be ensured by that payment statements are available on Apni Dukan with all the relevant information.

All payments are to made in Pakistan Rupees. If the Seller wishes to bank account details provided on Apni Dukan, should be notified regarding this change at least 30 days before the payment is made due to the Seller.

In case of incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Seller, will not be responsible in delay of any payments or failure to pay.

In case a payment has been made by to the Seller for a product delivered that is later returned by the customer, will deduct equivalent amount in the next cycle and return the product to Seller. For further details, refer to our Return Policy.

In case of an item lost by or the Courier services provider, will reimburse the Seller for the Product lost.

In case if the Seller raises a dispute about the condition of the product, a review will be conducted by and if accepted the amount will be reimbursed to the Seller with the product being held by hence claiming its ownership. A temporary hold of the product by does not transfer its ownership to

Any sums due to the Seller may be applied by as a set off against any sums owed by the Seller to or against any claims of third parties against arising from Seller’s performance.


The Seller warrants to that all the products which the Seller lists are:

  • Absolutely according to the specifications, drawings and descriptions provided by the Seller on Apni Dukan
  • Be fit for selling purposes and complies to all the rules and regulations

The products and their packaging shall comply with all labelling and marking requirements r

The products should not be hazardous, explosive, prohibited and/or banned as per the laws of Pakistan.

It should be ensured that all the information provided on Apni Dukan with regards to products is accurate and up to date.


The Seller is entitled to all the intellectual property in relation to products and their supply, has full regard for this and in no manner will be interfering in the ownership of the intellectual property.

In the same way Seller shall not be entitled to use any intellectual property belonging to without our approval.

Neither party shall make any derogatory or defamatory remarks against each other in order to damage either side’s reputation. In case of conflicts proper discussions should be carried out.


Customer’s information which might include contact details, photographs or any other form of personal data which provides the Seller shall be kept confidential at all points. This information will be considered as an asset by both the parties and any misuse by the Seller shall result in action being taken against the seller by

Both parties shall immediately return to each other any information provided either on termination of contract or upon demand, which includes all copies made by either party.

Both parties shall not publicize, disclose or discuss this agreement with un authorized third parties by any means without seeking formal approval.


The Seller has to ensure that nor its directors, employees or any other third parties be held responsible for any of the following:

  • If any defected product is sold to the customer
  • Any claim made by the customer on basis of contract
  • Any defect in packaging or shipping of a product by the Seller
  • Any negligence or fault on part of any employee of the Seller
  • Any breach in warranty is made
  • False or misrepresentation is made regarding the product


By reading out the following two clauses the Seller will be made clear that he will access and use Apni Dukan at his own risk, without being held responsible for any of the following. does not claim that the functions contained in Apni Dukan will meet the Seller’s requirements or be available error free all the time whenever accessed. Hence shall not be responsible for any system failures that mind hinder the acceptance or completion of transactions. is not a party to the contract hence in case of any dispute between the Seller and the Customer, shall be kept out of it by all means. All claims, damages and enquires should be made between the Seller and the Customer with not being party to any of these acts.


In situations that might be out of’s reasonable control, shall not be liable to the Seller for any breach of contract, delay in performance of the contract, delays in delivery of the products. The following circumstances shall be considered beyond’s control:

  • Act of God, floods, earthquakes, any natural calamities, a situation of war, fire, civil disturbance
  • Acts, restrictions, regulations, rules, laws that are at part of governmental authorities
  • Import / Export restrictions
  • Road blockages, protests, demonstrations
  • Interruption in the production process, difficulties in obtaining raw materials, labor
  • Power breakdown or malfunctioning of the machinery


The validity of this agreement shall remain one year until either of the party terminates it.

The Seller if wants to terminate the contract, a formal written notice is to be served by the Seller to at least 30 days prior to termination.

In case wants to terminate the contract, the following circumstances will be taken into consideration that will lead to contract termination by

  • Seller being in breach of any clause as defined in this agreement however a warning will be issued by at first
  • The Seller passing on a resolution for winding up the business
  • The Seller being bankrupt and unable to pay his creditors that might damage the Seller’s reputation
  • The Seller threatening to cease trading
  • The Seller being involved in any criminal or terrorist activities
  • If any of these events come into’s notice, the Seller will be immediately notified of the action that will be taken by

The termination does not mean that any contract entered into with the customer shall also be terminated. It should be made clear that those contracts should be fulfilled.

All outstanding liabilities shall be settled upon termination of this agreement

ASSIGNMENT: reserves the right to assign this agreement to any party whether part of or not. Similarly, Seller needs to notify immediately in case of any change in ownership or organization.


All notices served by either parties must be in writing with proper explanations and complete contact details.

CHANGES TO THE AGREEMENT: reserves the right to make any changes or modifications to the agreement wherever and whenever considers it important. Now the responsibility to review these changes that might make rests with the Seller.

The Seller should access Apni Dukan and read out all the modifications that might be made. will also notify the Seller regarding changes made via email.

If the Seller continues to use and access Apni Dukan without providing his consent over the changes, will take it as a yes that the Seller has no objection over the modifications made.

If in case the Seller has some reservations, should be notified by the Seller through email and wait for’s reply before accessing Apni Dukan.


The Seller is liable to maintain the inventory levels and keep them up to date at all possible instances or after every sale made.

Stocks should be kept up to date specially if the Seller considers they might go out of stock

If an out of stock item is shown on the list without it being mentioned as being out of stock, the Seller will be issued a warning in regard to breach of agreement policies.

The Seller will be forwarded the order by along with any further details that might be necessary in order to fulfill the order.

Upon receiving the order, the Seller will pack the product with the packaging material provided by

It however should be made clear that no packaging material shall be provided if the order would be cancelled. Check Packaging Guidelines for further details.

Seller shall be considered the sole owner of the product until and unless it is sold to the Customer. In case of product return, the ownership without doubt would be passed to the Seller again.

The Seller should keep in mind that nor the Courier Services Provider shall be responsible for any confiscation of the product by Government Officials. or the Courier Services provider might inspect the Seller’s product before dispatching. This would be done to ensure that no unauthorized material is being sold in case of any suspicion.

The Seller should have in mind that the Customer might cancel the order before shipment hence no delivery should be made if such a case arises.

The Seller authorizes to refund the amount to the Customer if he has prepaid the amount before receiving the delivery. Similarly, the Customer is to be refunded by if the product is returned.

The returns would be accepted in the following situations:

  • Defective/ damaged product
  • Incorrect / incomplete product
  • Customer no longer requires the product
  • Product is unused
  • Product is tagged and in its original packing along with any accessories will inspect the returned product before sending it back to the Seller and if the claim by the Customer is considered invalid, the product would be sent back to the customer.

For further details, refer to our Return Policy

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