About iBucket:

Welcome to, one of the biggest market places for online shopping in Pakistan. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of online shopping experience, with utmost focus on quality, economical prices and customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2020, has come to Pakistani e-commerce market with a mission to change the way people shop online,

The idea of an online platform, although not new to the world, but with lesser prices than the competitors was certainly something everyone craved for in times of financial crises. With shopping to be made easy with the all new Internet Bucket (iBucket).

Never thought shopping would be such a piece of cake? Well now you can not only think of but experience the luxury of shopping high quality products just by sitting on your couch. So, you’re just a click away from a whole new world of high end quality products of any type or category.

Who doesn’t like discounts? Well, at iBucket it’s a norm. It’s a routine we follow so that shopping doesn’t get tough on your pocket. So with attractive discounts you surely need not to think twice before buying what you desire.

Once you order the wait starts and it might not end! Well this is something unknown to us. You order a product and we make sure it gets at your doorstep in no time. With entrusted courier services providers you don’t need to worry about any delivery constraints.

Didn’t like what you ordered, didn’t get what you actually wanted no worries! iBucket offers you a fully satisfactory Money Back Guarantee. Where you will get the entire amount you paid for refunded back to you. So just take it easy and shop!!

With a network of thousands of vendors and even greater number of products, the shopping experience becomes endless. You want something? Search iBucket’s products lists and our vendors have your desired product with them.

At iBucket vendor satisfaction is taken great care of as we treat them like a family, a whole one unit with a common aim! So you want to express yourself fully? iBucket is surely the place for you.


Innovation and being adaptive to change is the key to success in these prevailing times. Here at iBucket we consider this to be the most vital feature that makes us unique in comparison to our competitors.

We work together as a family with everyone having each others’ back. This encourages everyone to work with their full potential and work upon new ideas that make iBucket better and better every day!!

with a team of energetic individuals, we are super-focused to provide only the very best of online shopping experience in Pakistan.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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